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Xavier Mayne

Author of the novels Frat House TroopersHusband MaterialWrestling Demons, A Wedding to Die For, and Spring Break at the Villa Hermes, as well as the novella “The Accidental Cupid,” all from Dreamspinner Press.

The books I write tend to be light and funny—as well as sexy and romantic—but they also take on some issues of sexuality and sexual identity that I think are important. That’s why you’ll often see my work described as “gay for you,” or “straight-to-gay”; the path to true love for my heroes is never a yellow brick road.

I prefer to think of sexual identity as a spectrum rather than a straight/gay binary–I don’t even think it’s a range with straight and gay on the ends and a big gray muddle of bisexuality in the middle. Humans have sex with other humans, and that’s about as far as I’m willing to go in terms of sexual identity. When people try to put labels on something as squishy, mysterious and, well, as human as sexuality the end result is always going to be messy. So, leave the labels aside and love whom you love.

About me

Xavier Mayne is the pseudonym I use for writing and publishing male/male romance novels. I wrote a blog post a while back explaining why I chose the name.