Wrestling Demons, the next Brandt & Donnelly Caper, now available

WrestlingDemons_FBThumbI’m  thrilled to announce the availability of Wrestling Demons, the second case file in the Brandt & Donnelly Capers series. You can pick it up in ebook or paperback at Dreamspinner now.

I’m really excited about this one. When I finished writing Frat House Troopers, I thought I had told the entire story of Troopers Brandt and Donnelly. But the guys kept coming back to me, demanding that I cook up some new adventures for them. So, being the pushover that I am, I gave in.

Wrestling Demons tells a story that shows how the technology that’s now in the hands of just about every high school student can send life off the rails. Recorded in the locker room, Jonah Fischer is mortified to discover that his ass has become an Internet sensation. But when even more revealing material appears,  his best friend Casey might find it hard to stick by him. Luckily, Brandt and Donnelly show up to try to put things right.

Bryce and Nestor, shop boys extraordinaire, also have a pivotal role in this book. If you liked them in Frat House Troopers, I think you will love love love them here.

Thanks for reading. And I hope you enjoy the new book.

Buy Wrestling Demons from Dreamspinner or Amazon.

Rainbow Gold Reviews gives Frat House Troopers Audiobook 10/10

FratHouseTroopers_FBThumbKarrie Jax, a delightfully ebullient reviewer at Rainbow Gold Reviews, has given the audiobook version of Frat House Troopers a top 10/10 “pots of gold” rating. I am honored that Karrie says  about the pivotal scene in the book, “When I heard it, I literally gasped and clutched my chest in the way only a true romantic can.” That’s exactly what I was going for! Karrie sums up her review this way:

This book ended up being a perfect blending of humour, romance and just the right amount of naughty to rank pretty high in the list of my favourite M/M books I’ve ever read.

The relationship that develops between Brandt and Donnelly is truly a beautiful thing to witness and I can’t wait to see how they develop further in the next Brandt & Donnelly Caper.

As the next Caper, Wrestling Demons, hits the stores April 9, I hope that many people will discover how the troopers fare in their next adventure.

Read the entire review here.

The Frat House Troopers audiobook, narrated by the talented Peter Brooke, is available from iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.com.

World of Diversity Fiction gives Frat House Troopers Audiobook 4.75 stars

FratHouseTroopers_FBThumbJay, reviewer at the wonderful World of Diversity Fiction site, gives the audiobook of Frat House Troopers 4.75 stars overall, plus a perfect 5 rating for heat! Calling it “a very touching romance/love that blossoms between two best friends that always thought they were straight,” Jay sums it up this way:

Take two straight state troopers Ethan Brandt and Gabriel Donnelly who are partners and best friends. Put one of them under cover at a house for a porn site that features hot straight frat guys presenting their junk for visitors to enjoy. Add in the outrageous and flamboyant store clerks of Bryce and Nester. What do you get? Some pretty hilarious situations and for some, the need for a cold shower.

Thanks, Jay, for the review!

Read the entire review here.

The Frat House Troopers audiobook, narrated by the talented Peter Brooke, is available from iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.com.

Prism Book Alliance gives Frat House Troopers audiobook 4.25 stars

FratHouseTroopers_FBThumbReviews of Peter Brooke’s reading of Frat House Troopers are starting to come in, and this one is great. Leisa at Prism Book Alliance has some great things to say, including this:

As probably unlikely as it is that a trooper would be called upon to infiltrate and perform for an online sex operation where gorgeous young men pleasure themselves on camera, the story of Brandt doing just that in Frat House Troopers is entertaining and hot.  There is also terrific chemistry between Brandt and his partner Donnelly – they sizzle together. Their verbal banter is cute, sexy, and at times truly hilarious. Also, the sex between these two is off the charts yummy, especially their first sexual encounter that took place on camera while Brandt was undercover.

Thanks, Leisa!

Read the entire review here.

Sequel to Frat House Troopers now available for pre-order

WrestlingDemons_FBThumbWrestling Demons, the sequel to Frat House Troopers, is now available for pre-order from the Dreamspinner Press website.

Six months after their successful mission in the frat house–and their realization that they were in love–Troopers Brandt and Donnelly are tapped to help a small town in turmoil over naked videos of their star high school wrestler.

I loved writing this book! The main characters are a lot of fun, and Bryce and Nestor are back in a big way. They play a pivotal role in the plot, and if you liked them in Frat House Troopers you are going to (as Bryce would say) love love love them here.

Publication date is April 9, but you can pre-order now and have it on the very first day.

Order Wrestling Demons from Dreamspinner now!

The Novel Approach gives Husband Material 5 stars

HusbandMaterial_FBThumbJackie, the wonderful reviewer at The Novel Approach, has given Husband Material 5 stars! It’s an extensive review, and I enjoyed reading it very much. The closing two paragraphs in particular I appreciated:

This is a very slow burn romance. I think one thing I loved was the minimal angst factor in this one. Don’t get me wrong there is angst, but it isn’t over the top. The last part of the book could, hands down, be the most romantic thing I have read in a while.

All in all, I loved the book. It isn’t my usual read, but I am so glad I read it. I loved Frat House Troopers so I figured this one would be good as well. As with Xavier Mayne’s previous book, the supporting characters were amazing. The writing was well balanced and kept me on my toes. Highly recommend this title, another winner for Mr. Mayne.

As Husband Material is only my second novel, I’m only now realizing the thrill of having repeat readers. I am so glad that Jackie gave a shout-out to Frat House Troopers. After all, you never forget your first!

Read the entire review here (you should!)

MM Good Book Reviews gives Husband Material 4.5 hearts

HusbandMaterial_FBThumbThanks to reviewer GiGi at MM Good Book Reviews for the 4.5 heart review of Husband Material! The delightful commentary concludes with this gracious note:

This is a fun read, perfectly paced, and plenty of steamy and romantic scenes. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but I’m a big fan of this book!

Thanks, GiGi!

Read the review here.

New interview at Hearts on Fire with a Husband Material giveaway

The great folks at Hearts on Fire interviewed me about my books, about writing “gay for you” romance, and a ton of other fun stuff. Some great questions, and I look forward to reading the comments.

Also, everyone who leaves a comment by 2/28 gets a chance to win a copy of Husband Material. Check it out!

Read the interview here.

Frat House Troopers audiobook now available

FratHouseTroopers_FBThumbFrat House Troopers is now available as an audiobook, read by the terrific Peter Brooke. All that Brandt and Donnelly goodness, delivered directly to your ears. I can only hope it would make for a more pleasant commute or stroll in the park!

Get the audiobook here.

Night Owl gives Husband Material 4.5 stars

HusbandMaterial_FBThumbThe wonderfully named reviewer BookGirl at Night Owl has given Husband Material four and a half stars! I really appreciate reviewers who seem to “get” what I’m trying to accomplish in my writing, and BookGirl narrows right down to what matters:

 I have found many “gay for you” books throw the couple together and the “straight” character jumps into the relationship with ease. That never seems realistic to me. I would think that going through major changes in something as serious as your sexual identity would be all-consuming. I thought this book did a really good job of showing a character struggle though this. Riley deeply cares for Asher but he also resents him for bringing these feelings out. What I really liked was that the characters talk about the issue repeatedly, in a well-thought-out manner.

I’m with BookGirl on this one–far too often a character who has never had a gay inkling in his entire life suddenly becomes blissfully and completely gay because he meets that one special guy. I love writing about the drama/chaos that such a change would bring, both within and between the characters. I’m glad that works, at least for this reviewer.

Read the entire review here.